New Travel and Immigration Ban

The White House has issued a third travel ban to restrict travel and immigration into the United States.  There are changes to this ban that we feel are important to bring to your attention.

Additions and deletions from targeted countries

  • The list includes Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia and Yemen.
  • Chad, Venezuela and North Korea have been added to the list.
  • Sudan has been dropped from the travel ban.
  • The Venezuela travel ban applies only to government officials.

Key differences between the new ban and previous ban

  • Under previous bans was a time limit imposed of 90 days. There is no time limit imposed with the current ban.
  • The US will review the procedures of countries affected by the ban to determine if they have strengthened the country’s vetting process and meeting US standards for security.

The ban will not impact individuals from the affected countries who:

  • Are permanent residents of the United States.
  • Green Card holders.
  • Dual nationals.
  • Holders of diplomatic visas, NATO, C2 visa holders and G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4 visa holders.
  • People with asylum.
  • People previously admitted to the US before the ban.

Waivers may be extended to people in the following categories who will experience hardship if not admitted:

  • Those who have contacts in the US but are outside the country even when the ban becomes effective.
  • Individuals who need to enter the country for business and professional obligations.
  • Individuals who want to move in with or visit a spouse.
  • Infants, young children or adoptees.
  • Individuals requiring medical attention.
  • People traveling on behalf of the US Government.
  • People who were admitted to Canada and applied for a visa in Canada.

It is best to consult with a US immigration legal specialist with experience working with individuals from the Middle East to optimize your application for entry into the United States.  Fadi Kayyali, a native of Jordan, was awarded his post graduate degree in Law (LL.M) from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his Law degree at the University in of Jordan.  He began his legal career in the United States in 2003 at Jones Day Law Firm, one of the most highly regarded law firms in the United States.

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